Phandalin Rising

The story so far:

The original group of adventurers were contracted by Gundren Rockseeker to take supplies to Phandalin. A lot of the group had reasons to head back there so it was an easy sell. Gendren left the group early saying he wanted to get a head start. Unfortunately, he never got there. He was captured by goblins (the same goblins that made an attack on the PCs later) and sent on to their King, Grol, at Cragmaw Castle.

The party went on to Phandalin and got the supplies to Elmar Barthen at the Trading Post. Elmar told the group how bad the Redbands had gotten. In fact, said he’d have them come by early to get their protection money since the party thought they could take care of them. They did, pretty easily. However here’s something not fully on the square with Elmar, after helping with the ambush he turned the tables on the group and let the Redbands get an ambush on the party. It failed pretty miserably and the part found that Elmar had also short-changed them on how much they were getting paid!

For a little while the group hid out with Halia resting up. They realized that taking out the Redband’s hideout would mean they would need healing so they went to Sister Graele at the shrine for the Lady Luck. In exchange for a little trip she would get them healing potions. This sent the group on a little trip to meet Banshee Agatha near the abandoned town of Conyberry.

After safely securing the name of the wizard that she traded Bowgentle’s spellbook to (Tsernoth from Iriaebor), the group was able to secure healing potions and staged not one but two successful ambushes on the Redbrands in an attempt to lower their numbers before a large assault.



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